Without insulation, your home loses heat through the walls, roof, and floors. Reducing heat loss is the first step to being more energy efficient. There are several products to help you do this.

Draught Proofing

Cavity wall, underfloor, duct & external wall insulation

Internal wall, loft or rafter & pipework insulation

Roof insulation

Replacement and secondary glazing

High performance external doors

Duct sealing and other sealing improvements

Ventilation with heat recovery

Heating your home and hot water

The next thing to consider is your water and home heating system. There are many ways to upgrade your heating system as you can see from the products below.

Biomass boilers and room heaters

Cylinder thermostats

Air source heat pumps

Fan-assisted replacement storage heaters

Flue gas & waste water heat recovery devices

Gas-fired & oil-fired condensing boilers

Ground source & water source heat pumps

Heating controls

Hot water controls

Hot water cylinder insulation

Hot water showers, taps and systems

Radiant heating

Solar Water heating

Under floor heating

Warm-air units

Saving on your electricity

When your home is as efficient as possible, the following options are available to you to help you save on energy bills:

Lighting systems

Micro combined heat and power

Micro wind generation

Solar photovoltaics

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