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DWA Chartered Surveyors & DWA Design

We are Chartered Surveyors and Accredited Energy Assessors with over 25 years’ professional experience in the commercial and residential property markets.

Commercial EPCs


Every new building in the UK requires a certificate when it is constructed and most existing buildings will need one when they are offered for sale

Residential EPCs


From January 2009, All house sellers throughout the UK must provide an Energy Performance Certificate before their property can be sold.



Our highly trained and experienced valuation team can provide a full range of residential and commercial valuation based on requirements.

Measured Surveys


We work to customer specification which can include any layering systems and drawing scales, and provide drawings in any format required.

Land Surveys


DWA are experts at providing accurate topographical land surveys to assist on construction projects. A thorough topographic survey is vital to highlight variances from preliminary designs.

About Green Deal

A new government backed scheme is now available which can help you meet the required costs of making your home energy efficient. Projected energy savings that you would get over the products lifetime would be used to pay back the loan via the electricity bill.

Green Deal Products

  • Insulation

    Without insulation, your home loses heat through the walls, roof, and floors. Reducing heat loss is the first step to being more energy efficient. There are several products to help you do this.

  • Heating

    The next thing to consider is your water and home heating system. There are many ways to upgrade your heating system as you can see from the products.

  • Saving electricity

    When your home is as efficient as possible, the following options are available to you to help you save on energy bills

Green Deal FAQ

  • How can I get a Green Deal?

    You will first need a Green Deal Assessment report which will rate your homes energy usage and provide an energy efficiency rating. Recommendations can then be tailored specifically to your home

  • Who lends the money?

    The money to pay for the cost of the products comes from the Green Deal Finance Company, an independent organisation set up to support the Green Deal.

  • Is the Green Deal available now?

    Yes, the Green Deal is available now and it was launched on the 1st of October 2012.

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