piggybank-grean-dealGreen Deal

A new government backed scheme is now available which can help you meet the required costs of making your home energy efficient. Projected energy savings that you would get over the products lifetime would be used to pay back the loan via the electricity bill.

A loan remains with the property, as any new owners will benefit from the saving improvements you installed. Because the projected energy savings are greater than the cost of the improvements, you can contribute to helping the environment by saving energy, whilst also saving money.

How Does Green Deal Work?

In order to get started you will first need a Green Deal Assessment survey of your home. This will provide some suggestions that you will need in order to take advantage of the Green Deal. Follow the steps below to apply.

How Do I Get a Green Deal?

The first step to getting a Green Deal is to call us on 0161 928 1903. A Green Deal Assessment will allow you to see what improvements can be made to your home to save energy. The recommended improvements can be installed and paid via your electricity bill with the savings made in early 2013.

Green Deal Assessment

We will send a Green Deal Advisor to your home to assess the efficiency of your home and how energy is used within your home. From that report, we can suggest saving improvements tailored to your home and your family.

What Your Green Deal Assessment Contains:

Energy Performance Certificate

This certificate will help you understand the present energy efficiency performance. It measures the energy use and carbon dioxide emissions and provides you with a rating, A-G, with A being the most energy efficient.

Your Home Usage of Energy

The assessment will look at how you and your household use energy and compare this to a typical household. It will also take into consideration information about your heating, hot water, appliances and lighting. Then your home energy use will be rated as low, typical, or high.

For discussions regarding your development need, contact DWA now on 01619281903